The Ottoman

Category: Film

Studio: Luckbat Studios

Role: Modeller and character animator

Website: The Ottoman

Kickstarter Trailer: The Ottoman

'The Ottoman' is a short film which is still in production, it has recently achieved it's funding target on Kickstarter. You can see the Kickstarter project trailer by clicking the link shown above left.

I have been working on this short as both a modeller and character animator since 2010. So far I have modelled various props like tanks and creatures along with reworking some of the modelling on all of the key characters. I have also animated a walk for the Rider (click the image above to watch it), a scorpion and the Ottoman's mecha. I used the Rider character shown above for an article I wrote for 3D Artist magazine on animating constraints in Cinema 4D which appeared in January 2014.